Naveed Nour


Naveed Nour was born 1963 in Cologne Germany to Iranian parents. In 1971 he moved with his family to Iran. In 1983 Naveed entered the Photography Program at Tehran University's School of Fine Arts. While studying, he traveled throughout Iran including the war-zones during the 1980-1988 Iran/Iraq war and documented the social-economical affects of war on society. In 1985 Naveed left Iran for Ankara, Turkey where he lived and worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In 1987 he moved to Ottawa Canada, where he later earned his BFA in Photography from the University of Ottawa. The same year he received recognition for his body of work at the Annual Arts Awards event from his university. In 1992 he moved to America to pursue his career in photography but ended up working in Information Technology, and later earned his Master's degree in Management of e-Commerce. As a dedicated artist Naveed has pursued his artwork independently throughout his career in technology and has kept exhibiting his work. In June 2007 he switched his career back to fine arts and together with his wife Zohreh Firouzabadian also founded PhotoEmerge, an organization that is dedicated to helping emerging photographers grow artistically while also learning how to set goals for their careers and promote themselves. Naveed is currently a lecturer at Mass College of Art and Design. He also actively curates exhibits for local and international artists in the Boston region. Parallel to all his activities he works on his art projects and as part of that he also collaborates with artists around the world. His work is being exhibited both in North America and in Europe, while it is also being collected internationally. Naveed is based in Boston, USA.


Naveed Nour Photography ©1985-2007